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Why to travel in Nepal

Nepal is a country that will stun you on many levels. Its variety of landscapes, cultures and people, offer a wide variety of activities for travelers to get engaged in. In many travel reviews, Nepal is the one of the most popular travel destination in Asia  because of it’s natural beauties, bio diversity , landlocked , eye catching Himalayan views including highest Mt. Everest ,  multi-cultural lavishness and different dialects, Birth place of Gautam Buddha, world’s  highest lake , world’s deepest gorge, friendly people and their warm hospitality. This all makes Nepal unique country that will stun in many levels in the world context, Nepal is such travel destination where travelers want to visit time and again because even if they spent one month holidays it feel like one day.

-Nepal is very rich in natural resources. It is known as naturally beautiful country. There are hundreds of trekking trails from one day trip to four months longer Himalaya trail that lead east- west Nepal. There are many south-north trails that pass through beautiful valleys, high hills, thundering rivers for rafting, snow passes, view points and typical Nepali villages with smiling villagers.

Tourists have many choices on adventure activities such as bungy jump, paragliding, zip flyer, ultra light fly, motorbike tour etc in Nepal.

It is a country with full of festivals celebrated both in cities and villages. Some festivals are celebrated in the temples and public places. There are temples and Stupas in every corner of city and village in Kathmandu valley.

Buddha was born in a royal family in Lumbini, Nepal. Tourists travel Nepal to learn peace and happiness as taught by Lord Buddha. There are many meditation and yoga places for all people wish to meditate and do yoga.

There are many Hindu pagoda style temples that exhibit Nepali art and architecture. These temples have religious, cultural, traditional and historical importance. Pashupatinath is one of the very important temples for Hindus around the world. It is listed in the world heritage site by the UNESCO.

The height of Nepal starts from 60 meters and ends at the world’s highest top Mount Everest 8848 meters. Trekkers can approach up to the foot of the Mount Everest or Everest Base Camp. There are many mountains above the height of 8000meters. There are hundreds of peaks above 6000meters. As of 2013, the government of Nepal has opened 310 mountains for climbing. The government is yet to open 165 addtional climbing mountains in Nepal.

There are ten National Parks in Nepal. The one horned Rhino, Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant and many more animals are found in the National Parks.

Nepal is very popular for handicrafts and fine arts. Nepali fine arts are tremendously used to build and decorate the royal palaces, temples, stupas, monasteries, offices and houses.

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